We are able to offer our experience to companies and help them in the strategy and development of often complex projects, particularly in the field of CBRN.
Our wealth of international experience means we can make a great contribution to the value chain in project design and finished product solutions.

CoE - Project 23:

“Building capacity to identify and respond to threads from chemical, biologiccal, radiological and nuclear substances”.

CoE - Project 34:

“Strengthening Capacities in CBRN event response and related Medical Emergency response under strengthened CBRN event prepareness” subcontracted by FIIAPP

CoE - Project 35:

“Managment of Hazardous Chemical and Biological Waste in the African Atlantic Facade Region” subcontracted by FIIAPP

CoE - Project 72:

Developing and strengthening the capacities for the management of risks associated with land transport of chemical and biological materials in the North Africa and Sahel Region” coordinated by Adelfas and FIIAPP