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 Engineering company specialised in the provision of innovative solutions to the defense and environment sectors.

Comprises a multi-disciplinary team of technicians in the fields of engineering, biology, chemistry and radiology as well as a network of external collaborators including companies and institutions and knowledge drivers in their respective areas.


IBATECH in H2020 NAIADES kickoff meeting

On June 4, the kickoff meeting of the new Horizon 2020 NAIADES project was held in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. The project, coordinated by the Greek research centre CERTH, is an innovation action funded in the call SC5-11-2018 - Digital solutions for water:...

IBATECH issues a new mobile CBRN laboratory to NATO

IBATECH has just delivered a new level-3 CBRN mobile laboratory to NATO's NSPA agency for the Moldovan army. The purpose of this laboratory is the detection of anthrax spores in potentially contaminated terrains, featuring the capacity of maintaining the occupational...

IBATECH in Defence Forces Ireland CBRN unit exercise

During the execution of Horizon 2020 project ROCSAFE, IBATECH has visited together with the consortium a recent CBRN exercise by the Defence Forces in Ireland. DFI are part of our consortium as end users of the systems under development. Among other objectives,...

IBATECH in the EU CBRN-CoE P34 project

In a collaboration with the Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas (FIIAPP), IBATECH contributed to the P34 project of the European Union CBRN Centre of Excellence with CBRN training and equipment to first responder teams...