In the recently unveiled MoD R&D&I strategy, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive (CBRNe) elements feature prominently. This strategy aims to combat specific threats to defence and comprises seven lines of research ranging from detection to decontamination through to intelligent equipment. 

It is worth pointing out that Ibatech has extensive experience in CBRN-related research projects. These include initiatives at international level, i.e., (Rocsafe; Naiades) as part of the Horizon 2020 programme and (Quixote, SOBID), backed by the European Defence Agency (EDA).

At national level, Ibatech has taken part in research projects with the Ministry of Defence as part of its COINCIDENT programme (Escudo-Astrolabio). These are just a few examples that testify to the company’s pedigree as a partner and commitment to research lines. So, we are pleased that CBRNe has a prominent place within the national defence strategy and we look forward to lending our experience and expertise as part of a broad initiative to achieve those goals set out by the Spanish Ministry of Defence.