The ADELFAS association of which IBATECH is a member is about to close the implementation of the DIMLAB project “Deployable CB analytical laboratory. Applications of nano-biotechnology” of the SPS-NATO (Science for Peace and Security) programme.

The DIMLAB project strengthens the links between the NATO organisation’s member countries, Spain in this case, and its Mediterranean partners, Morocco and Tunisia, and it is a very important step in reinforce detection and response capabilities to chemical and biological threats in the region.

The NATO DIM-LAB SPS project is scheduled to close at the end of March 2023. Morocco has just received its biological laboratory from ADELFAS and Tunisia’s is in the final stages of assembly. In fact, it is IBATECH that developed their engineering and design specifications and is currently collaborating by supplying CBRN equipment (protective suits, masks, and various kits for sampling practices, etc.) in the training of the end-users, namely, the Tunisian Ministry of Defence and the Moroccan General Directorate of Civil Protection.

The DIMLAB project inaugurates an excellent military-civilian collaboration of technological and knowledge transfer, operational procedures, all in the CBRN environment of deployable laboratories for chemical and biological identification.

ADELFAS is already working to ensure the sustainability of these laboratories which are the result of financial support from NATO-SPS.

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