IBATECH has been acquiring an extensive experience in European Projects in collaboration of other companies and entities.


«MASC-CBRN: Methodology for Assessing States’ Capacity for Countering the Hostile Misuse of CBRN Knowledge and Materials» is a project funded by the European Commission (ID: 860679) that contemplates the creation of a methodology to assess the vulnerability of a country to CBRN agents, strengthening risk management against deliberate CBRN attacks, presenting structural and normative regulatory elements, while recognizing the need for effective participation of multiple stakeholders.

IBATECH is the leader of the work package that implements the methodology for assessing State capacity for countering CBRN risks and the activities with a national scope (e.g. screening questionnaire, data analysis, progress meeting, validation and training workshops, and translation of materials).


European partners: 

«NAIADES: Greening the economy in line with the sustainable development goals» is a project funded by the European Union within the HORIZON 2020 framework (ID: 820985). Naiades will support the modernization and digitization of the water sector by providing a holistic solution; i) optimizing water consumption through a real-time water management system; ii) improving public awareness of water consumption and savings in its use; iii) developing and implementing a set of ICT tools for predicting water demand.

The tasks that IBATECH implements in the project are:

  • Provide specifications and hardware for the meteorological and water quality monitoring systems that will be integrated into NAIADES.
  • Design and integrate research, implementation of AI algorithms for data collection and analysis of water quality.
  • Electromechanical and communications interface with the entire platform, contributing to the semantic and interoperability needs.
  • Participation in the design and manufacture of prototypes for the monitoring of water quality in the cities of Carouge (Switzerland) and Alicante (Spain).

 Our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZwyamcI0Bbli-NadaWEodA

Web page: https://naiades-project.eu/


Quick Xor Technology for B&C cold-plasma decontamination“. Funded by the European Defense Agency (E.D.A.). Project for decontamination of Chemical and Biological Walfare Agents (CWA & BWA) by the development of two cold plasma prototypes.
European partners:

Project ESCUDO

Integrated NRBC sensor communication system funded by the Ministry of Defense under the “COINCIDENTE” program. Development of an NRBC detection system to be installed in platforms or infrastructures, with detection sensors of different detection technologies coupled in cascade and sequencing of the results by means of intelligent algorithms.
Remotely Operated CBRN-e Scene Assessment & Forensic Examination” funded by the European Union under the HORIZON 2020 Program. Project for the study, identification and forensic analysis of NBQ contaminated areas using remotely controlled land and air vehicles (RAV and RGV).

Our R&D&I Projects

FP7 – Forlab

BATECH is involved as INDRA’s subcontractor for equipment supply, design of operative areas and samples flowchart through the lab.


SORECYM-NRBQ: Developed under the leadership of INDRA the selection and supply of CBRN equipment.
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EDA – 12 R&T RP 292 Stand-Off Bio detection (SOBID).

C at B

European Defence Agency (EDA)  “Counter biological and chemical terrorism” project, with FFI as leader.