QUIXOTE – Cold-plasma CB decontamination equipment


IBATECH has developed an innovative prototype for decontamination of standard small and medium-sized objects based on cold atmospheric plasma. Among its main properties, our liquid-free solution neutralizes relevant hazardous chemical and biological agents by means of a portable, low-power device that is compatible with the requirements of both laboratory work as well as field operations.

Innovative characteristics:

  • Renders standard small- / middle-sized objects safe
  • Keeps decontaminated object functionality
  • Avoids liquid-based solvents
  • Negligible harmless by-products
  • Optimized power consumption
  • No additional gas in chamber, just atmospheric air

APPC — Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Chamber
Our cold-plasma-based decontamination prototype basically consists of a closed chamber containing air at atmospheric pressure. During operation, the air inside the chamber is energized to generate cold plasma, which produces an atmosphere of highly-reactive species. As a consequence, the long-lived species diffuse from the plasma-generating electrodes across the chamber atmosphere to reach the exposed object surfaces. Therefore, the excited especies attack the chemical compounds or living agents that are adsorbed on them and neutralize the hazard.

Validated performance in EU certified laboratories
The results of realized essays in various European certified laboratories confirm the capacity of QUIXOTE to neutralize the hazard of the following chemical and biological warfare agents:


  • Bacillus anthracis
  • Clostridium botulinum
  • Vibrio cholerae

  • VX
  • Sulphur mustard
  • Tabun
  • Soman
  • Cyclosarin

QUIXOTE was funded by the European Defence Agency under the CBRN Joint Investment programme (contract A-1152-RT-GP)