During the last month of June, Ibatech technicians went to Burkina Faso to train a unit of the gendarmerie in the handling and piloting of drones, as was the case in Chad a few months ago. The training took place over a week with drones delivered to the Sahelian country prior to commencement.

It should be remembered that the supply of drones and training courses are aimed at strengthening the operating capabilities of six Sahelian national authorities so they may move forward in taking effective control of their territory, extending security to the entire region.

The project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Spanish cooperation institution FIIAPP (International and Latin American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies), which turned to IBATECH for this training mission to Burkina Faso and Chad. All participants from this part of Africa reported enriching experiences and, from testimonies received, beneficiary countries seem to have been very satisfied with the work done.

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