IBATECH continues its strategy of consolidating its lines of business in the international market of security and defense. This has not gone unnoticed by main Spanish actors in the sector. In its most recent edition, IDS’s prestigious annual report SPAIN Defense & Security highlights IBATECH as a reference among other 12 Spanish defence companies with active business at the European level. SPAIN refers to two main milestones in this process: our recent delivery of a BSL3 level laboratory to the NSPA procurement agency of NATO as well as the distributed CBRN equipment to various North-African and Middle-East countries within the framework of the CBRN Center of Excellence at the European Union.

SPAIN also highlights our R&D&i activities in European programs, such as QUIXOTE for plasma decontamination and SOBID for remote biological detection (EDA), or ROCSAFE for the development of a robotic system for the collection of forensic samples in CBRN incidents (Horizon 2020).