IBATECH keeps venturing into R&D&i with two newly-granted projects under Horizon 2020 (European Commission) and Coincidente (Spanish Ministry of Defence) programmes.

In the first one, NAIADES is a new Innovation Action in the area of Circular Economy of Horizonte 2020 coordinated by the Greek Centre for Research and Technology (CERTH). In this framework, NAIADES aims at transforming water sector with a smarter, more automatized water resource management. To achieve this, NAIADES will make use of the most avant-garde technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Big Data among others. This will allow consumers to access a wider range of services as well as to enhance public awareness and user engagement on water consumption, usage savings, and conservation. IBATECH will contribute with its knowledge on monitorization of chemical and biological agents in the sub-management of water quality, safety and security resources at water utilities.

Furthermore, IBATECH will lead ASTROLABIO, which is a new R&D project from the Coincidente programme of the Spanish Ministry of Defence. ASTROLABIO will significantly contribute to long pursued advancements in CBRN detection technologies. In particular, this project will study, develope and assess new laser-based technologies for stand-off detection of hazardous biological agents in aerosols.